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Whatever the size of your business, trade effluent is a complicated area of the water industry. Make sure you get truly independent advice from an industry expert with a track record in trade effluent regulation and management.

Taking control of this complicated area starts with understanding it. Let Trade Effluent Management Services help you take control of what you pay, and your compliance with your trade effluent discharge consent.

Whether you are having problems with compliance, can't understand how the billing works, need someone to shoulder some of the burden of managing this area of your business, or want to find ways to save money why not get in touch.

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Our services include

Trade Effluent Management Services logo which is a water drop with a leaf in it for the environment


Charge assessment

Bill validation

Sample data management

Ot & St assessment and challenge

Site survey (water use and TE production)

Sample survey

Consent review & form completion

Regulator management

Treatment plant design and build

Tariff /contract assessment

Get the balance right

These scales represent balancing consent compliance with cost for the discharge

Get the right balance between what you pay for your trade effluent discharge and environmental compliance.

Trade effluent basics


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