Why have an expert manage your trade effluent?

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Have someone focused on making sure you are compliant and making savings every month.


I can forecast trade effluent charges for budgets and cost saving initiatives ensuring you know what your costs will be and make savings as soon as they are available.

Environmental credentials

I will make sure you have analysis available and can identify trends to ensure you are as compliant as possible with legislation.


Let me liaise with wholesalers and regulators to make sure you are dealt with fairly, understand all the consequences and get a satisfactory outcome.

Pay the right amount

Let me look at your trade effluent bills (and water too if you like) to make sure the correct tariffs are being used and to identify any savings you can make.

Get a better deal

Move to a better value deal but retain industry expertise regardless of the retailer you do business with. The market opened to get you better value. Are you doing everything to get that?

Need assistance with your trade effluent services?

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Trade Effluent Services provided


Monthly Management

On a monthly plan I will manage; your bills; analysis from the regulator; liaison with the regulator; identify trends in discharge profile; and be your guide to all things trade effluent (and water too if you like).

Examples of my services are:

  • Charge assessment
  • Bill validation
  • Sample data management
  • Ot & St assessment and challenge
  • Site survey (water use and TE production)
  • Sample survey
  • Consent review & form completion
  • Regulator management
  • Treatment plant design and build
  • Tariff /contract assessment

Charge strength (Ot & St) assessment

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There are 2 charge elements of the trade effluent charge calculation that are based on samples taken by your trade effluent regulator. Let me look over the sample data and see if there are challenges that could be made that could save you money.

In some areas (e.g. Scotland) these are fixed annually making it vital that they are representative of the discharge from your processes.

If needed, we can agree on a trade effluent sample survey to assess the real strengths for your effluent discharge.

Compliance and consent review

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Environmental compliance is so important in these days of customers pushing for the highest green credentials. Many calls have come to me over the years to ask for help because the auditors from a customer have just arrived and they want trade effluent information that isn't available.

I'll make sure that report is with you and updated on a monthly basis.

And for those customers in Scotland that pay an Availability charge based on some of the levels in your trade effluent consent then I will make sure you get the balance right between what you pay and maximising compliance.

Trade Effluent bill validation

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We are all guilty of checking that the amount at the bottom of the bill looks about right. It's about the same as last time so it's probably right. It gets paid. But was the last bill correct? And the one before that? We don't check them because we don't have the time or the understanding (that's me with the gas bill anyway).

Send me your trade effluent bills (and water too if you like). Give me access to your smart meter data. I'll make sure your bills are right, and any errors in your favour will be repaid 100% to you.

Trade Effluent regulator liaison

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Whichever one of the UK water companies regulates your trade effluent discharge sometimes it feels like they speak a different language.

I have experience from dealing with hundreds of companies, liaising with their regulators, so I can call on this to ensure that what they are saying to you is fair and equitable.

So, whether you're having issues with compliance, are being threatened with prosecution or cost recovery, are struggling to get the trade effluent consent you need, are wanting to increase your trade effluent discharge levels or are having any issues whatsoever relating to trade effluent drop me a line or give me a call.

Trade Effluent cost reduction & increasing compliance

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OK! We've got the bills understood and you know what drives the costs but now you've got a new KPI to save on the water and trade effluent budget.

A site audit can help identify areas that are generating stronger effluent, give you a start at which processes use most water, and if there's any benefit to treating effluent.

I can manage your business through this project and together we'll see if there are low cost ways to save money or if there's payback on effluent treatment.

Through trusted partners, with a proven track record in treatment I can help you through the design and build of a treatment plant whilst managing the regulator to ensure they are informed and happy with the project.

The "C" Word


We're all used to the concept of consultants and we all have the same thoughts that they're going to come into your business, ask for your watch and tell you the time.

There's no getting away from it that any consultant needs information about your business before they can help. I'm no different. Hopefully though, I can get information without you having to give it to me. 

There's a lot of information in the market and I will go and get what is relevant to you. Then I can guide you through the puzzles of trade effluent.

Monthly Management

Monthly Management  graphics

Outsource your trade effluent management and have an industry expert look after this area making sure you are on top of compliance and cost issues whilst saving your own staff time allowing them to focus on your main business. You might save more than it costs.

On a monthly basis your sample data will be assessed for compliance and to see if there is any scope to make savings by challenging the Ot and St levels. I'll also check your billing data and if you give me access to your bills I can ensure that they are thoroughly checked (not just to make sure it's about the same you paid last month - essentially how I check my gas bill). If you have any questions then you can give me a call or drop me an email and I'll guide you along. My expertise is at your disposal.

Projects, Audits and extras


You might want to explore where you can save money or improve compliance. Maybe even both. An audit of your processes will give you a report identifying the areas most likely to be impacting on compliance and charges and detailing the best next steps to make a difference.

Maybe you are needing some support at a meeting with the regulator or want some help understanding trade effluent on a face-to-face basis. Get me onto site and let's meet.

If you need a consent review, or want me to liaise with your regulator then let’s get it organised.

Training courses


Maybe all you need just now though is some training to get your staff ready to take on a project related to trade effluent. Whether they need a general awareness of trade effluent, why the regulation exists, or want to know how the charges work then this would be a great start. 

Has a new KPI been set to make utility savings? Has electricity and gas been squeezed within an inch of its life? Water and trade effluent is a good area to look at then.

Onsite Training

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Bring me along to site to train your Environment Champions, your HSE staff, Engineering Manager, Utility Manager or even your Finance Team. I can run a course on general trade effluent covering why the regulation exists, how it is regulated, and how the charges are calculated. Or I could run a more detailed course on charges and tailor it to suit the charges using the methodology of how your retailer charges for them.

Bring it to life

Manufacturing factory

Why not add some time to the course so that we can take a tour of your manufacturing facility and look at the areas that create trade effluent? We can start to look at how to measure the current effluent volume and quality, begin to set out a plan for reducing costs and improve your compliance.

I can incorporate a look at your regulators analysis and your current retailers bills