About Me

This story starts when I began working in the water industry in 1993 when studying for my postgrad degree. That degree got me my dream job (some would see as a nightmare) working in the Trade Effluent team of Strathclyde Regional Council. Through many reorganisations this job eventually became part of West of Scotland Water where I ultimately headed up the team in the run up to the formation of Scottish Water. 

After Scottish Water was born I became part of the Account Management team but always kept up my specialism in trade effluent, adding some general water knowledge to my tool box.

In advance of the water market in Scotland was due to open to retail competition, in 2006, Business Stream became the incumbent retailer for Scotland and I became a Trade Effluent Manager looking after the trade effluent needs of all the Scottish customers.

I also helped Business Stream ready itself for the opening of the water market in England and Wales so have plenty of experience south of the border now too.

During my time in retail I've signed contracts, built billing systems, managed negotiations with Scottish Water and saved customers millions of pounds.

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A new business is born

In March 2018 I left Business Stream to set up Trade Effluent Management Services. As market share dropped for one retailer it increased for a multitude of new operators. As an independent consultant I can ensure that all customers across the UK have an experienced person to call on. My experience of the regulatory side and the retail environment make my skill set unique. I can help customers get the right balance between environmental compliance and cost.

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What I do as TEMS?

Whether you have a one-off need for help or would like to free up staff time whilst increasing the focus on trade effluent costs and regulation then I can help your business.

On a monthly plan I will manage:

  • your bills
  • analysis from the regulator
  • liaison with the regulator
  • identify trends in discharge profile
  • be your guide to all things trade effluent (and water too if you like)

Need assistance with your trade effluent services?

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