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Stuart Cail, Master Brewer, Harviestoun Brewery


“By getting Leigh involved in our trade effluent data management and liaising with the regulator, Scottish Water, on our behalf, he managed to spot that our efforts to improve treatment on site meant that our most recent sample results had significantly improved. These improvements had the potential to save us money in our trade effluent charges so Leigh put a report in to Scottish Water and they agreed that the data could be reviewed. The savings will continue over the next 18 months saving us around £3750 in total as long as the data continues to be as good. These savings are a lot more than it costs to have Leigh onboard.”

Grant Mackay, Head of Engineering, Kensey Foods Ltd

  "I was involved in starting up a new factory and we were getting very close to beginning production when Leigh met with the consultant working with us on the project. Leigh pointed out that we weren't going to have our trade effluent consent in time to start processing on site in time. He managed to arrange a meeting with the water company who regulate trade effluent discharges in the area, got all the relevant people around the table and despite initial reluctance he persuaded them to grant a consent in time for start-up. This saved the site weeks of delays and the associated losses that those delays would have meant. Leigh really understands the water industry and can really help manage these processes." 

Euan MacEarchern, Head Brewer & Director, Loch Lomond Brewery


“Without having Leigh’s direct number we would have moved away from our current retailer a long time ago. Leigh helped us to get answers to questions we were struggling to get them to engage with us on and is a mine of useful information and ideas on trade effluent as well as the broader water industry. We look forward to working with Leigh as an independent consultant, as we plan to expand our business.”




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